Repairing rotten windows, draft proofing and cord renewal

Giuseppe Piran Cambridge – we specialise in repairing and restoring wooden windows and doors.

Sash Window Repair:

If you have sash windows, frames or sills and they are suffering from rot we have a solution.  If the degree of the rot/damage is minor Giuseppe and his team would cut back any rotten timber, treat and then apply a permanent, two-part epoxy resin repair care treatment.


Sash Window Draft Proofing:

Our sash window draft proofing is a very powerful but popular service. We use a traditional brush system, draughts are near on eliminated whilst the beauty and aesthetics of the sash window remain the same. When having this service done by Giuseppe and team, sash cords are renewed and windows are balanced to ensure fully weighted windows.


Cord Renewal:

Sash windows often have cords that break, which is the most common issue. Giuseppe Piran and team would replace the cord with polyester which adds toughness.