Time spent with friends and family at Christmas is always special, and this year the celebrations will be bigger and better than ever. Gathering together in the kitchen to cook, bake and share is at the heart of this special time. And your decor can really put the stamp on the festivities.

Hand-painted kitchens are the perfect expression of your taste and personality and play a pivotal role as the hub of your home at any time of year, not just at Christmas. So how can a hand-painted kitchen make your festive season fun?

Enjoy a Makeover

A holiday makeover will make your kitchen look absolutely perfect for friends and family. And repainting your kitchen is an affordable way to keep it looking its best. So if you’re bored with your basic white kitchen, why not be on trend for the new year with stunning spruce green cabinets? A hand-painted kitchen is a beautiful and cost-effective alternative to a full kitchen remodel.

The beauty of hand-painted kitchens is that they can perfectly reflect your personal aesthetic, adding that extra sparkle to your celebrations. Our team will be happy to help you find a colour strategy that works for any time of year.

Achieve a Bespoke Look

Kitchens are no longer sparse and utilitarian. In fact, they’re the perfect place for everyone to bond during a big celebration, filled with energy, warmth and good things to eat.

Hand painting not only gives an older kitchen a new lease of life. It allows you to achieve a bespoke look that makes your kitchen genuinely memorable. In addition, you can choose a level of finish that stands up to wear and tear, whether you prefer a contemporary matte or classic gloss finish. So you’ll not only transform the look of your home, making it instantly Insta-friendly, you’ll also add value by creating something unique.

Sustainable Choices

We’re all making more sustainable choices these days. At Christmas, that could mean reusing wrapping paper or handcrafting gifts and cards. But you can make environmentally friendly choices when it comes to your hand-painted kitchen, too.

At Giuseppe Piran, we only use eco-friendly paints and materials. This means that friends with asthma and allergies can enjoy celebrating comfortably with you in your newly decorated home.

Warm and Cosy

When you think of the festive season is it fairy lights and glittering decorations? Or roaring log fires and hot chocolate with marshmallows? Whatever you love about Christmas, hand-painted kitchens fit right into a warm and cosy aesthetic.

There’s something about the way that the brush strokes follow the grain of the wood that makes your kitchen feel instantly warm and alive. Unlike the flat and clinical finish of a spray-painted kitchen, hand painting gives a characterful feel that’s just right when you’re welcoming people into your home.

Perfect for a Family Gathering

Celebrating Christmas together is always special, and often a little chaotic. But with a hand-painted kitchen, you don’t need to worry about those minor accidents ruining the look of your cabinets.

Unlike spray-painted cabinets that tend to chip easily and be hard to repair, a hand-painted wood finish is future-proofed. So if a chip or scuff does happen over the holidays, it’s a simple job to sand it down and repair it in the New Year. In turn, that allows you to enjoy a stress-free Christmas with your closest family and friends.

Decorate in style this Christmas with Giuseppe Piran

Why not treat yourself to a beautifully decorated home and hand-painted kitchen this Christmas? Contact Giuseppe Piran for a quote today.