We can transform your home, both inside and outside, whatever its size, shape or history. We use high quality paints, wallpapers, fabrics, and digital wallcoverings that are right for your home.

We work on all sorts of residential properties, ranging from new builds though to older properties that need updating or restoring.

The quality of our work, service and cost means you can relax and let us take care of making your home beautiful. We even leave your home tidy at the end of every day and help you move the furniture. Everything is taken care of!

Chaucer Road, Cambridge

This residential project involved redecorating a substantial property, including a two-level staircase and atrium. The nature of the wallpaper and materials, plus the protection needed for the flooring and furnishings could have meant that we exceeded our clients’ tight timescale. But, with careful planning and a committed team, we met the deadline – and achieved a stunning result. Throughout the project, our excellent relationship with a specialist in building renovation, was vital.