Chaucer Road, Cambridge

This residential project below involved redecorating a substantial property, including a two-level staircase and atrium. The nature of the wallpaper and materials chosen, plus the protection required for the flooring and furnishings could have meant that we exceeded our clients’ tight timescale. But, with careful planning and a committed workforce, we met the deadline – and achieved a stunning result. Throughout the project, our excellent relationship with the main contractor, a specialist in building renovation, was vital.

Residential customers who call on us are immediately reassured that their homes are in the hands
of craftsmen. We undertake many projects for modern properties, for example, from hand-painting
bespoke kitchens to applying wallpaper and other coverings. We also have an excellent reputation with
local Interior Designers for our professional service and first-class finish using designer paint and paper
applications such as those produced by Paint & Paper Library, Cole & Son, Farrow & Ball, Fired Earth,
Zoffany, Nina Campbell, Osborne & Little and many others. Renovation experts call on us.