Time and the elements take their toll on house fixture and fittings.

We restore these to their original condition. We specialise in the repair and restoration of wooden windows and doors.

Sash Windows:

These can suffer from particular problems.

Windows, frames, and sills can suffer from rot. If the rot is minor, we tackle this by cutting back the rotten timber, treat the remaining timber and then apply a permanent, two-part epoxy resin repair care treatment. If it is more serious, we can create a historically accurate replacement.


Sash Window Draft Proofing:

Our sash window draft proofing is a very powerful but popular service.  We use a traditional brush system to eliminate drafts. This maintains the beauty and aesthetics of the window.

Our draft proofing service includes renewal of  sash cords and windows are balanced to ensure easy opening.


Cord Renewal:

Sash windows cords are prone to break. We address this by balancing the windows and then replacing the cords with polyester cords which adds toughness.