Whether you’re attempting a little furniture restoration, giving DIY a go, or having a try at a hand-painted kitchen, redecoration is a vital part of keeping your house feeling like a home.

While rearranging the furniture and freshening up is enough to do the trick sometimes, nothing will revitalise a room like a new coat of paint.

Believe it or not, the options don’t just end at the colour or type of paint either. Professionals can also use a variety of techniques to make any place stand out from the rest. Far from being too complex, the only two things any homeowner will need is time and practice. Why not try these creative ways of making your house decoration fully bespoke:

1) Stencils

A straightforward technique for DIY enthusiasts and often used by commercial painters and decorators. All that is required is a stencil design, a roller or brush and your paint of choice (why not go for something bold for a feature wall?). Once you’ve lined up the stencil (relatively) straight, the rest will fall into place. The Internet has limitless options on stencil choices and exciting colour combinations.

2) Harlequin

A contrasting diamond pattern is a brilliant way to add movement and character to a room. Using a tape measure and a spirit level, lightly mark out the pattern with a pencil, then tape up the diamonds you want to leave blank.

3) Metallic Paint

Not a technique per se, but a fun way to add a touch of glamour to your home. If you’re after an urban and contemporary look, using metallic paint with strong lines mapped out with masking tape can be really effective.

4) Polka Dots

If you prefer to have a little fun and add a quirky touch to your decor, then polka dots are perfect, especially in a vibrant colour to either match or contrast with your furnishings. They’re also incredibly easy to do!

5) A Colour Wash

There are a number of techniques to achieve a colour wash, depending on your desired look. Using a satin-based paint followed by a glaze mix applied with long brush strokes, the result is a dynamic pattern which adds texture and depth to walls.

Whatever technique you choose, we recommend doing a few practices runs on large sheets of paper beforehand! Or, if you want the look without the hassle, why not contact us and we’ll help bring your vision to reality.