Over time, fixtures and fittings can become weathered and a shadow of their former selves. We strive to return your windows to their former glory through our many years of experience and expertise in furniture and fixtures restoration.

Sash windows can suffer from a range of particular problems that can be difficult to remedy. Windows, frames, and sills can all suffer from rot. Where possible, we aim to preserve the original timber, cutting away the rotting wood and treating the underlying wood by applying a permanent unique two-part epoxy resin that makes your window look as good as new. If the rot is more serious, our expert painters and decorators can recreate a historically accurate replacement window that is indistinguishable from the original.

Sash windows are also prone to drafts which can have adverse effects on the inside of your home. We offer a powerful service that eliminates this draft altogether by use of an expertly installed traditional brush system, maintaining the beauty and aesthetic of your windows. Included in this draft-proofing service is a renewal of sash cords, and we ensure that your windows are balanced and functioning properly. We replace non-functional sash cords with our custom polyester cords that boast superior strength, ensuring your window remains functional.

Alongside windows, Giuseppe Piran also specialise in door restoration and hand painted kitchens and houses. Take a look at our gallery here. With Giuseppe Piran, you can be reassured that your home is safe in the hands of our master craftsmen. If you’re still not convinced, read testimonials from just some of our delighted customers here.