In the UK we spend a huge amount redecorating our houses every year. Whether you have just moved into a new home or you simply want to redecorate your existing spaces, painting and decorating services are incredibly important.

You may be feeling like a new colour scheme or need help with wallpaper hanging. Whatever your decorating needs, a local painter and decorator can help you to transform your home.

There are a few main benefits of employing a painter and decorator over doing the work yourself.

Save time

One of the key benefits of employing a painter or decorator is their ability to finish the job within a time frame. Whether that is in time for a shop reopening or a move-in date, a professional will be able to finish decorating in time for you.

High quality

The obvious main benefit to hiring painting or decorating services in the guaranteed high-quality finish. Often when non-professionals attempt to redecorate their spaces, the finished result can be less than desirable. However, with a professional carrying out the job your space will look polished and stylish.


When first-time novices attempt to decorate their spaces themselves it can often come as a shock to find out how many supplies are needed to redecorate a room. By employing a painter and decorator you can skip that trip to the homeware store and save money buying all the supplies needed to decorate a room.

Here at Giuseppe Piran, we are committed to providing quality painting and decorating services for both commercial and individual needs. We only use eco-friendly materials in our decorating services, so your conscience can breathe easy as can you! For more information, contact our experts on our website or call us on 01954 201167.